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Divorcing couples need experienced and skilled legal representation, regardless of how well the parties get along. Issues that come up in the divorce context can impact an individual’s financial situation, relationship with children and other family members, and their happiness for the remainder of their lives. If you are in the midst of divorce or even if you are contemplating divorce, you need to be advised of your rights and responsibilities as well as the financial impact that divorce will have on your life. At The Law Offices of Anne Dowden Saxton, our attorneys have devoted their practice to helping Los Angeles families move on through the divorce process. While it may not always be amicable, our attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process and that the result is a just result for you and your family.

The Complexities of California Divorce Law

Divorces in Los Angeles are subject to California divorce law, which can be unique and also complicated. California applies the “community property rule” to divorce and the division of assets, which means that any income or marital assets (homes, businesses, investments, etc.) that are acquired during the marriage are divided equally between the two spouses. Community property law can be unforgiving to spouses who are the primary wage earner in the family. Learning what the exceptions to marital property are and other ways to protect your individual assets can go a long way in ensuring that your divorce settlement is financially fair to both parties.

Other Issues that Arise During the Divorce Process

Divorce is not simply the legal dissolution of a marriage. Through the process, there are many other related issues that arise and must be dealt with as part of the marital estate. These issues can include:

  • Sale or other division of real estate (including the marital home)
  • Sale or division of businesses
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support payments, their amount, and their duration
  • Alimony payments, their amount, and their duration
  • Complete financial disclosure of assets and income
  • Division of personal property

These are the primary issues that arise during a divorce, although there can be many others. In certain circumstances, there will be issues of spousal abuse, child abuse, and violence that need to also be addressed by the court in the divorce proceedings. In yet other cases, there are issues of false claims against the opposing spouse and slander. Other divorces still involve serious tax implications. The complex legal and emotional nature of these cases is an important reason why you need an attorney who will look out for your interests through every step of the divorce process.

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At The Law Offices of Anne Dowden Saxton, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys will help guide you through the legal system and get the most favorable outcome possible for you and your family. We understand that divorce can be a very difficult time, emotionally, professionally, and financially. Our understanding, compassionate attorneys at our firm will advise you throughout the entire process.

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