Steps to Divorcing An Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a serious issue in the United States. With one in 13 people fitting the criteria of an alcoholic in the US, the odds are high that you could end up married to an alcoholic. Alcoholics handle relationships poorly. Therefore, the risk of divorce is higher if you are married to an alcoholic.


Reasons for Divorce

Alcoholics have poor communication skills due to the continued use of alcohol. Any type of discussion tends to lead to anger, which then results in physical outbursts. Physical abuse is common in a relationship with an alcoholic. Many find it necessary to leave the relationship to get away from the abuse.


Stress is a common reason for divorce. When an individual is married to an alcoholic, the bills and any factor of the marriage becomes a stressor, because one of the partners is not keeping up their half of the responsibilities that go along with marriage.


The instability of the relationship and the couple’s financial situation as a result typically contribute to the decision to divorce as well. A spouse would prefer divorce to staying in a relationship where nothing is certain but the other spouse’s continued use of alcohol.


Prepare for Divorce

In order to be prepared for a divorce, the individual should begin gathering evidence to support their reasons for filing for divorce as soon as possible. Having evidence of the other spouse’s continued use of alcohol and the effect on the couple’s finances and other marital aspects is key to being granted a divorce.


In order to be properly prepared with evidence, it will be necessary to take photographs that show your spouse is alcoholic. Also, if there is evidence of physical abuse, pictures would be useful. For other aspects of the marriage, gather police reports, reports on any emergency room visits and other evidence of the spouse’s abuse due to alcoholism.


Get Ready and Leave

If you and your children (if you have any) are in danger, it is best to create a plan and leave. Take important papers like birth certificates, have cash so the cards can not be shut off and go to a location that your spouse will not come to when searching for you.


Do not be afraid to contact the local authorities if you feel you and your children will be in danger or your home will be in danger when you leave and file for divorce.



The cost of a divorce can be significant. Be sure you have a list of all marital assets and what they are worth. Then, prepare for the cost of filing, lawyers and court appearances. Make a budget and stick to it so you have enough funds to pay for the divorce.


If any of this seems confusing, it is best to start a conversation with legal counsel immediately. Contact the Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton for assistance with divorce proceedings. Legal assistance in filing and in preparation for the divorce can make the process move more smoothly.

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