How to Develop a Successful Coparenting Schedule

Your divorce should not affect your children. A successful divorce in regards to your children is one that has no parental conflicts. To make sure that this process goes smoothly, it is important to have a good coparenting schedule.

The right schedule will depend on your individual case. Whichever way you may want to schedule the visits, it is important to make sure that it works for the entire family. Keep in mind your schedule, your partner’s schedule and your kid’s school and extra-curricular timings to create a coparenting scheme.

There are different types of coparenting schedules and you need to select the right one after you have decided the physical custody. If you have decided on 50-50 custody (where the child will spend half his time with one parent and half with the other one), here are some schedules you can choose from:


Alternating weeks: In this plan, the child will stay at his mother’s house one week, and his father’s house the next week.

Alternating weeks with evening visits: It is similar to the alternating week schedule, except that the child gets an evening visit with the other parent midweek. You can decide the visitation day according to your convenience.

Alternating weeks with midweek overnight: In this schedule, instead of the evening visit, the child gets to spend the entire night with the other parent midweek. This overnight stay can be decided according to your convenience

2-2-3 Day rotation: In this schedule, the child would spend 2 days with one parent, the next 2 days with the other parent, and a 3 day weekend with the first one. The routine will flip the next week.

3-3-4-4 Day rotation: In this plan, the child spends 3 days with the first parent and 3 days with the second parent. And then 4 days with the first parent and 4 days with the second parent. The advantage of this schedule is that the child is at one residence for 3-4 days and only one day will change.

2-2-5-5 Day rotation: This is like the previous schedule, except the number of days will change to 2-2-5-5.


Whatever schedule you select, make sure you give enough time to your family to adjust to it. At the law office of Anne Dowden Saxton, we will help you develop an official coparenting plan that would be followed by your entire family. Call us today for a free consultation.



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