How to Get Child Support Payments Amended When You Lose Your Job

Even though a judge may have set child support payments during a divorce, it can be amended for emergencies. Losing a job can make it hard to pay the bills under normal circumstances, but if you are also making payments as ordered by a court, it can be almost impossible to keep your head above water.

How to Amend Child Support

If you do lose your job, don’t take it upon yourself to reduce your child support payments or stop them altogether. Even though you may have spoken to your partner and they understand your predicament, they are counting on that money to help clothe, feed and educate your child. If things go sour between you, they can call the court and you will have to explain why the payment agreement was not met.

Make Some Calls

Notify the court, if you don’t have an attorney, about losing your job as soon as you can to ask them to about how to amend your payments. An order from a judge is required to amend your child support payments.

How Payments are Amended

It is important for the court to be notified as soon as possible because any payments you are behind may not be dismissed or modified. If the job loss was involuntary, you will have to prove to the court that it was involuntary. You will also have to show you are making an effort to look for further employment or you are unable to find a new job due to lack of opportunities.

A child support payment is based on what the court believes you can earn, so if you can prove your job loss wasn’t your fault and you cannot find another job, you could receive a deduction in the amount you have to pay. This amendment is most often temporary, but there are circumstances that could make it a payment reduction permanent. Contact the Law Office of Anne Dowden Saxton today to get help with a child support amendment as soon as you become unemployed.

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