Is Child Support Taxable?

Going through a divorce with children can be difficult and emotionally draining. Many people face long battles when seeking custody of their children, but there are also other concerns that divorcees need to settle with regards to their children. Not only do you have to fight for custody of your children, but then there also comes the issue of whether you will be awarded child support, and if how much you will receive for child support.


One question that people have after being awarded child support for their children is whether or not it is taxable. Child support is meant to help one parent care for their child and provide for them in the event that both parents are not together. Typically, child support is paid to the parent that has full or majority custody of the child or children by the parent that does not; this is because the one parent often has more child raising expenses than the parent that has less custody. However, child support may also be determined primarily by income. Because child support is meant to benefit children and ensure that they have the security and support they need, it only stands to reason that it is not taxable, unlike alimony or spousal support, which is taxable. During discussions of spousal support and child support, it is important to pay attention to the tax status of both of these types of financial support, for the person paying and the person receiving these funds.


At the Law Office Of Anne Dowden Saxton, we have extensive experience handling child custody and child support cases; our attorneys have years of experience and would be happy to consult with you at whatever stage of the divorce process you are at. Child support is not taxable, but depending on your needs it may be possible to get more than what you have been given. Children deserve to have a stable living situation, and ensuring that you have the child support you need is one way to help make that possible. Whether you have child support, are seeking child support, or are in the middle of filing for divorce, our attorneys are here to help.

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