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Rancho Palos Verdes Divorce Lawyer: Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody

Divorce, by definition, is a straightforward legal process. It allows two parties to end their marriage on, in most cases, amicable terms. The process effectively allows them to separate and later move on from their former marriage.
Sometimes, a divorce can be complicated by other issues. Asset division, to provide a common example, is one of them. However, there is another issue that often complicates divorce. This issue is best known as child custody.

Child custody refers to the maintenance, control and care of a child or children. In a divorce, the question of whether either party has the right to resume caring for their child or children is a noted topic.
While some divorcing couples manage to resolve their child custody issues, others have further difficulties. Either way, both parties are highly encouraged to hire an experienced Rancho Palos Verdes divorce lawyer who can help with child custody arrangements.

Rancho Palos Verdes Divorce Lawyer: Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody

How are ‘fair and reasonable’ visitation rights for either parent determined in a case of child custody?

In some cases, the courts will award physical custody to one parent, while the other gets reasonable visitation rights. In this situation, the parent with physical custody rights will have the right to decide what would be reasonable visitation for their children and the other parent.

In order to allow the other parent fair and reasonable visitation rights, and without the other parent potentially preventing them from getting those rights, both parties are often asked to create a detailed parenting and visitation schedule that works for the parents and in the best interest of the children.

Should we use mediation to work out disagreements regarding child custody?

Mediation is a type of non-adversarial process where a mediator meets with two parties to help them settle a dispute. Mediators are often utilized in situations where there may be a dispute, such as an amicable divorce, to successfully resolve any issues between both parties that do not need court intervention for resolution.

Using a mediator to resolve child custody cases works in favor of the parents and the child (or children). Taking a child custody case to court may be a drain on both finances and the emotional state of the entire family.

Mediation also does not usually involve legal aid, however both parties can have their own Rancho Palos Verdes divorce lawyer on their side to help the proceedings conclude peacefully. It may also take less time to resolve a case of child custody with mediation, turning otherwise lengthy cases into one that lasts as short as a few weeks.

Divorce Lawyer – Rancho Palos Verdes Lawyer Help For Child Custody

Sometimes, issues with child custody can complicate the divorce process. Therefore, you will likely need a divorce lawyer to resolve any problems regarding child custody in your divorce.

Contact us for a free consultation or more information regarding our Rancho Palos Verdes Divorce Lawyers or other questions about potentially hiring a lawyer for resolving issues with child custody arrangements in a divorce.

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