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Divorce is the legal termination of a marital union. It involves the cancellation process and, in many cases, the reorganizations of legal duties and responsibilities of the former marriage. It, for all intent and purposes, dissolves the ‘bonds of matrimony’ between a formerly married couple under the laws of their jurisdiction.
The end of a marriage causes a lot of distress for both parties. However, the dissolution process does not have to be difficult. Both parties are highly advised to find a divorce lawyer to help manage the process and, amicably, resolve the end of their marriage with their former spouse.

Torrance Divorce Lawyer – What Does A Divorce Resolve?

Divorces dissolve marriages. They are a legal process that effectively ends a marriage by reorganizing a former couple’s legal duties, responsibilities and, in many cases, their personal property and debts.
The legal process may involve the division and granting of alimony (for either spouse), child custody and visitation rights, child support, property distribution and debt redistribution.

The scope of these legalities often depends on the conditions of a former couple’s divorce. Many divorcing couples are able to amicably end their marriage, however it is still highly recommended to seek the assistance of a divorce lawyer like ours.

Torrance Divorce Lawyer – What is a No Fault Divorce?

A no fault divorce is a type of divorce where either divorcing spouse does not have to prove that the other spouse was at fault of doing something wrong. All states handle no fault divorces.
A no fault divorce is granted once one spouse states a reason for the divorce to be recognized by the state. Most states allow couples to separate for ‘irreconcilable differences,’ otherwise for reasons that state the couple cannot amicably get along enough to remain married.

Some states, however, require a couple to remain living apart for a specified amount of months before they can receive a no fault divorce.

Torrance Divorce Lawyer – What is a Fault Divorce?

A fault divorce is a type of divorce that is granted upon the grounds of one spouse being found ‘at fault’ for neglecting or essentially nullifying the marriage. Few states allow fault divorces.

The grounds for fault divorces traditionally include: emotional or physical cruelty, adultery, desertion or neglect, prolonged prison confinement (for either spouse) and the physical inability to engage in sexual intercourse, particularly if it was not disclosed to the other spouse before marriage.

Divorcing couples choose fault divorces if they do not want to wait for a no fault divorce, as required by their state’s law. Some states allow the spouse who proves their spouse’s fault to potentially receive a greater share of marital property or more alimony.

As you can see, there is a lot that people can learn about divorce, when explained to them. We also understand that people, such as yourself, may be looking for a way to defend yourself during your divorce proceedings. Contact us for a free consultation or more information regarding our Torrance Divorce Lawyers.

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